Day 8 Off to the Arches

13 Jul

The stay at Red Sands hotel was wonderful. The king room we stayed in was recently renovated and the diner the night before was great. But up and at em early the next morning to get to The Arches park before the heat hit the expected high of 108. Leaving Torrey at 7am the temperatures were in the low 70s and the weather was great all the way to the park, we will talk about in the park later.

Our ride took us on 84 East through Capital Reef and up to I-70. The views were amazing and the roads were great. Aside, I know in these blog posts I use the words: amazing, great, and wonderful too many times but the truth is that those words describe the creation that God has put before us, so the repetition will probably continue.

The second part of our plan of leaving early was to grab breakfast along the 100 mile section from Torrey to I-70, fail. Ok so there were absolutely no places to eat until we got to Green River, 110 miles or so later, no biggie. We stopped for gas and Burger King after driving through Green River, Gas – Yes, Burger King – No. BK was closed until 11, or from the looks of it maybe even later, not really sure. No problem we grabbed food from the gas station and had a picnic at a very scenic spot behind the gas station.

Breakfast completed back on the bikes to Arches.

Arches, the plan worked, almost. We arrived at Arches and using our newly acquired interagency annual passes, we rolled through the toll gates and onto the visitor center. So, as mentioned the plan to beat the heat worked, it was well under 100 when we hit the park, well 5 degrees under 100 and when we rolled out of the park it was only 104 degrees, way under the expected 108.

In arches we focused on the Windows and the Delicate Arch. The ride to both held stunning views of a landscape of contrasting colors, land forms and textures unlike any other in the world (ok that come from the Arches site). But really the ride was splendiferous, ok that is not a word, dang it the ride was amazing.

Well out of Arches and to the Best Western Plus Canyonlands, not the Best Western Plus Greenwell that is down the street. OK turn around and off to the correct hotel. We went to Zax for lunch since our hotel rooms were not ready at 12:30, remember beat the heat. After lunch we checked in, hit the pool had an early dinner (compared to the rest of the trip) and then hung out on the patio talking and laughing.

Robert took this by holding his phone up to the eyepiece on his newly acquired binoculars.

This is about the time on the trip that I take a few moments to share how much we love this group and the trips we take. We started this annual ride many years ago now and we look forward to it all year long and hate it when the trip start drawing to a close. We still have several days so enough of that but we truly love this group. Also, we look forward to the days in the near future when we can take this ride in the spring, dang heat.

Well tomorrow we are off to Colorado for some cooler weather and the start of phase 3, mountains and switchback roads. Till then.

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