Day 9 From Moab to Ouray or from desert to mountains

14 Jul

I don’t think we mentioned yet that all the hotels who normally include a light breakfast buffet have changed to handing out to-go bags of breakfast. Not quite the same but at least it’s something. Well the one yesterday at the Best Western Plus Canyonlands was the best yet. Once again really impressed by that hotel.

The temperature was around 91 degrees when we headed out and it continuously dropped as the day progressed. We ran into a few light rain showers but missed all the heavy stuff thanks to some construction that held us up as the rain moved on ahead of us.

We stopped in Telluride for lunch and as we were parking the bikes a nice local gentleman complimented Robert on his bike and as we were talking he suggested a lunch spot. We always like to get suggestions from locals, so we took his advise and walked to the Phoenix Bean. Just as we sat down to eat, more rain came and before we finished the sun was back out.

The final leg of today’s ride held even more beautiful scenery…green lush mountains and perfect temperatures. We checked into the Ouray Chalet Inn, unloaded the bikes and walked around town. It poured down again during dinner and while we slept. For games tonight there was no common area at the hotel so we made a spot in the Knipple’s room. Dean won Phase Ten and Robert won Farkle and we all enjoyed the Camaraderie (Cindy tonight us this word years ago to describe the fellowship we enjoy while playing games…win or lose!)

Looking forward to tomorrow. Good night all.

Once last thought…this COVID-19 virus has really changed things all over the country…see pictures below.


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2 responses to “Day 9 From Moab to Ouray or from desert to mountains

  1. Bill & Shirley Gilbert

    July 14, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    Hi travelers! We really look forward to your blog every night. It sounds like the weather was cooler today and that you found good food which is really important. We try to post a comment every day but it doesn’t look the last two made it. I guess it is because I wrote the comment at the bottom of the enlarged photos. Oh well. You two look happy and well. Thanks again for the blog so we can enjoy your trip vicariously. Love, Mom & Dad


    • robertasbill

      July 14, 2020 at 10:37 pm

      Hi there! We are so glad you are enjoying the blog. You two are definitely our most dedicated followers. The weather has been great until today…which you will read about later. I hate that your previous messages didn’t post! Yes, we are enjoying the trip very much. Love y’all good night.



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