Day 6: Hersey to Salamanca NY (250 miles)

Today is a mini-trailer day to get in position for NIagra Falls on Tuesday.  There should be a lot of updates tomorrow so hang tight, just want to post this so the family knows we are OK….

Here is the general route from Monday:

And here is a video of running dogs since we do not have any trip pictures….


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Day 5: York to Hershey via Amish country (90 miles)

Today will be a leisurely ride, less than 100 miles with a bit of sightseeing along the way. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Remember the discussion we had a couple days ago about replacing motorcycle gear along the way? Well it turns out Cindy found a new helmet and I got a new Hammock seat, boy what a difference it made.

Today’s adventure is solving a problem with my satellite radio reception, seems the 2017 Limited model has issues when the antenna is mounted inside the faring.

As I type this I can almost hear people saying “that’s too bad your satellite radio doesn’t work, that sounds like a first world problem.” The reality is if the satellite radio isn’t working nether is weather radar and that can be a challenge, OK you’re right that’s also a first world problem 🙂

That having been said and all the laughter subsided… I pulled the faring, mounted the antenna externally, problem solved. (Well, once we went to Walmart and got some Velcro to use on the outside of a $30,000 bike).

OK and you got a love the blue shoestring safety strap for my GoPro.

After a bit of riding around Lancaster county we headed to Lititz for lunch at the Bulls Head on Main Street.

After lunch we are heading to see a few Amish bridges.

Onto Hershey….

Once we arrived in Hershey we checked in at The Hershey Lodge (really enjoyed the lodge) and then headed off to The Hershey Story.

It’s amazing how much Hershey did for the community and the world, a truly generous family. In the early 1900s they dedicated the majority of the families wealth $60m to an orphanage and school for the underprivileged. That school continues today over 100 years later as the majority stockholder in the Hershey Corporation.

Then onto The Hershey gardens followed up with Chocolate World. All in all a wonderful calorie filled end to a great day.

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Day 4 Mount Vernon, Gettysburg Battlefield and onto York PA (188 miles)

A quick 3 mike ride and we are at the family home of George Washington. I am amazed that so many national treasures have been preserved by private foundations and citizen contributions.

Touring Mount Vernon was timely having just finished reading (listening to) Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow.

After spending a few hours touring the grounds we ate lunch in the Mount Vernon restaurant then rode to Antietam Battleground via the outskirts of DC. As you can see below they were preparing for the July 4th celebration with The Maryland Symphony and fireworks.

After leaving Antietam we were off to Gettysburg.

Again I am amazed with the sacrifices that were made by so many. Just a few decades after securing our country from the King and then from France, we were again at war but from within… so many tragic deaths. Gettysburg is a stark reminder of what we have gone through in a relatively short period of history.

onto York…..

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Day 3 Roanoke to Alexandria (270 miles)

With the trailer days behind us we started a leisurely ride out of Roanoke and onto the Blueridge Parkway.  In the past we have ridden much of the North Carolina Parkway but have not ventured onto the Virginia portion.  Today we fixed that (well at least a bit), we started on the Parkway in Roanoke and rode to the exit for Shenandoah Valley Harley Davidson (ok you will not actually find that exit), about a hundred miles (give or take).

One thing you learn quickly in touring is that you never replace all your equipment at one time, you do it slowly as things break, get lost or stop working the way you want them to – today it was Cindy’s boom mic clip, my seat, and Julie’s clear face shield.  With these items in need of repair/replacement we were off on our trip-in-a-trip Harley shopping and dealership tour (Virginia edition).

The first shop we visited was Shenandoah Valley HD, nice store but due to the recent Rolling Thunder Rally they were low on inventory and the helmet Cindy wanted was unavailable, the seat I was looking for was in question and Julie did not know at that point that her face shield would be breaking.  The good news is that the dealership was able to locate an alternate helmet for Cindy a few miles down the road at Stonewall HD in Orange, with the helmet located we were off to Monticello for the Thomas Jefferson Home tour.  Prior to the tour we met up with Dean’s brother Randy and his wife Pat who met us for lunch and joined us on the tour, what a great couple.

The tour of Monticello was very interesting and our tour guide was animated and engaging, he truly knew the history and was able to answer any questions asked.  One tip if you want to go on this tour, buy your tickets online to save money but when you go to will call you will have to stand in the ticket line, make sure you allow time for the line and the bus ride to the house, 30 minutes would have been fine for us (we did it in 11, yikes).  One other suggestion, Julie and I had just finished listening to a Jefferson biography, it really added to the experience and gave us something to do on the two trailer days.

After Monticello we were off to Stonewall HD for the Helmet and a seat.  The folks at Stonewall were great. Earlier in the day when we called the dealer the helmet Cindy wanted was on hold for another customer, by the time we got to the dealership they had called the customer and found out that helmet would indeed be available for Cindy.  As a bonus, they also had my replacement Hammock seat (so long old seat of 100k+ miles).  Unfortunately, the dealership did not have a face shield for Julie, she has a Scorpion Helmet not HD, well that leaves us a reason to do more shopping later on.

From Orange we had a short 75 ride into Alexandria to continue our Hampton Inn tour staying near Mount Vernon, but more about that later.

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Day 2 – Getting to Roanoke (Trailer Day – 431 miles)

Left Nashville at 8:00 sharp. It’s going to be another long day of Interstate riding; starting out on I40 then onto I81 through Tennessee and Virginia. We made a few stops to refill water bottles and cool off – yes it was another hot one! We ate lunch at Perkins outside Abingdon and then walked around the Martha Washington hotel and spa. It used to be a college many years ago. Abingdon is a really cute little town that we actually stayed at three years ago on our ride through the Smokey Mountains.

We pulled into our hotel in Roanoke at around 7:00pm and walked to dinner. Another really sweet little downtown with lots of shops and restaurants.

Looking forward to tomorrow which will be our first day of actual sight-seeing…starting with Monticello. Good night all!

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Day 1 (Trailer day – 590 miles)

As we have discussed in the past a trailer day is heads down making miles to get to your destination.  On these days there are not too many pictures or any real stops for sight seeing just great distance riding.  So in the spirit of trailer days this post will be to the point (since there are no real pictures to show anyway). 

The day started in NorthWest Arkansas.  We headed north to Joplin, East to Springfield, jumped on 60 East to I 24 to Nashville then onto Mount Juliet Tn.  The riding was wonderful and the weather was fairly mild until we crossed the Mississippi and bumped up against 100 degrees. 

So far this trip we have covered Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois (OL only about 1 mile), Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Tomorrow will be another trailer day but after that the pictures will begin to flow.


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Day 0: Trip to The Falls….

Well here we go summer 2018 and off to “The Falls”.  Day 0 has Julie and I  heading from Rockwall Texas to Bentonville Arkansas to join with the rest of the Harley Family.  But first actual family, Dropped in on Bill and Shirley in Bella Vista and were very fortunate to also get to see Mike and Marilyn.  Although Bill and Shirley are not sure why we ride they are supportive, but I am sure they worry quietly 😉

9002FDF9-F842-4259-831D-8BA911C333E9   img_0983

Tomorrow morning we will get up early and head to the Kinipple Estate for a 6:30am start.  Over the next couple of weeks we will head east to Virginia, up to Hershey, then Buffalo, Canada, Mackinaw, around to Wisconsin and beyond.

The map below is a rough representation, Actual roads will be added daily…..


So tomorrow we start the Blog in earnest….



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