Day 16 Yellowstone of course

Last week we were trying to figure out when I rode Idaho and it turns out that I’ve circled it all these years, we fixed that yesterday 🙂

Beautiful morning in Idaho Falls, picture included

(Hey Sally you won’t believe it but right outside my hotel room, you guessed it, a moose!)

I started the day with the complementary hot breakfast at the Quality Inn/Rodeway Inn (I have to say this hotel is definitely winning the price to value competition this trip).  

And we are off…

Where to ride?  Well you can’t be 100 miles from the world’s first national park and just pass it by, you have to show respect (that fact was imparted to us by the ex-mayor of Banff a couple weeks ago, although I did remember that from American history)


Two years ago when the Harley Family road Yellowstone we started at the northeast entrance and rode the western side of the Grand Loop then exited thorough Grand Teton national Park, after an overnight in West Yellowstone.

Today I entered through West Yellowstone took the Grand Loop south then north on the eastern side, exiting the northern exit.  

The ride was great and the park was not overly crowded.  Since we saw Old Faithful a few years ago I was able to skip those crowds, that was nice.  I really enjoyed the eastern side of the park and was able to take a few pictures (all from a stop).

Obligatory proof of bike photo 

Today I spotted Buffalo, Elk, Ground Squirrel, and a group of people that spoted a bear (I saw the people not the bear)

The weather was beautiful all day with  Temperatures that ranged from 68° to 73° with cloud cover (and it never rained where I was riding.)

After five hours in the park I headed to I-90 for the three hour drive to Billings, that’s right who would’ve ever guessed twice in one ride.  Found great accommodations for $88 what a steal!  Also, I have to mention that Billings at 73° is much nicer than Billings at 101°.  

Finally I want to thank billings for having an old fashion Fuddruckers complete with spud seasoning, what a great way to end the day!

Well closing out another great day… talk to you on the road tomorrow, destination North Dakota!

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Day 12 Elko to Grand Junction 

Well the goal today was to go from Elko to Glenwood Springs and get up early Saturday morning and ride into Denver to watch Leslie play tennis.  Although the ride might be a little long at 630 miles it was mainly Interstate 80 to Salt Lake City, Interstate 15 past Provo, highway 6 to Interstate 70 and into Glenwood Springs.

The ride and weather started out wonderful and about 55° heading east to Salt Lake City.  On the way we stopped at the Bonneville salt Flats and we’re amazed that people would drive any vehicles on the flats. 

Although it started getting hot after Salt Lake City and the traffic on 15 was a bit heavy that was nothing compared to the weather we ran into south of Wellington Utah and then again east of Green River Utah.  Both places held an exciting 35 to 45 mile an hour gusts of wind with the sustained wind of 20+ miles an hour.  The Green Rivers weather also held the added excitement of driving rain and visible lightning, I hate lightning while on the motorcycle…

Now with more than our wet vests wet and the prospect of 100 more miles of rain and lightning we decided to go ahead and pull over in Grand Junction Colorado for the night.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast looks great on into Denver early.

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Day 15 Decision time

Left Estes Park in about 8:30 this morning and rode through Rocky Mountain national Park.  Although I’ve ridden the park multiple times the beauty never ceases to amaze me, God’ creation is so amazing.

At several points on The ride through the park I spotted elk by the roadside and up on the mountain side (sorry Sally, no moose)

After leaving the park stopped and filled up with gas in Granby, decision time!  Do I turn south and ride Colorado?  Never a bad decision but a ride I’ve done many times. OR do I turn north and pick up two more states to bring the total count to 49?  
In my best Zoolander impersonations I decided I could not turn left…. Idaho Falls,

Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, North Dakota, Minnesota here I come.

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Day 14 Bitter Sweet

Started the morning with donuts and coffee at Leslie’s house

Robert dropped by Walgreens medical clinic to get some medicine to handle sinuses and a pesky cough, no big deal.  

After that quick sidetrack Leslie took us to downtown for lunch and a quick tour.  

Lunch was good and downtown Denver was impressive.

After lunch we ran home to pack our stuff, say goodbye, get Julie to the airport for her 4:30 flight home and Robert’s bike pointed to Estes to start a week of summit rides.

My favorite thing in this world is the time Julie and I spend together touring the country on the motorcycle. Who would’ve dreamed 30 years ago that this would be the vacation past time that we would’ve chosen, what a blessing.  

This week the pictures won’t be as good and the blogs will be a bit  boring but the riding should be beautiful.

Chapter 4 begins:

Chapter 1 was the guys ride to Billings

Chapter 2 was the Harley family ride through Canada and the West Coast

Chapter 3 was Robert and Julie’s 30th wedding anniversary ride through California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, happy 30th Julie (a month late)

Chapter 4 is Robert solo ride through Colorado and and on….

Let the Chapter 4 begin… 

wait maybe I need a retake.  I dropped Julie at the airport pulled into the airport gas station and the bottom fell out of the sky.  OK no big deal,  the timing was perfect, I was inside and the rain lasted 10 minutes and then on to Estes.

The ride to Estes was great but unfortunately since I’m solo there are not many pictures 😉 

Arrived at the Estes Mountain Lodge at 5:30,

unpacked and jumped on the free shuttle to town for dinner (complete with wildlife, inside the shuttle and out)

Ate dinner at Ed’s cantina, Buffalo burger and a gallon of water (ok four glasses).  

Nice view and good food, plus you don’t always see a dog on a skateboard

Well early to bed tonight into Rocky Mountain national Park tomorrow.

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Day 13 Grand Junction to Denver

Well unlike the night before, we woke up to beautiful weather. Rains it all moved out and the temperature was in the upper 60s time to ride to Denver.

Love the I-70 ride to Denver, from my experience it’s one of the most beautiful interstates in the country. Many interstates have beautiful portions but I-70 has about 200 miles of spectacular scenery. Starting at Glenwood Springs then onto Vail, Copper Mountain, Frisco, Idaho Falls and on to Denver.

Our first stop of the day was the Harley Davidson dealership in Glenwood Springs. We happen to show up or the last days they would be a Harley Davidson dealership they are changing to Polaris.

Before exiting into Glenwood Springs Julie spotted a deer drinking from the river so that was fun. After our Glenwood stop we headed on to Frisco for lunch. The nature of a I-70 on this stretch is that we had several opportunities to put our jackets on and take them off, elevations range from 5000+ to 10,000+feet.

To finish up I-70 ride there was a torrential down pour at Idaho Falls but we were blessed showing up about five minutes after it stopped.

We arrived at Leslie’s, went and saw Brooke at her work then ran over to see where Jake works and Leslie cooked dinner for us.

Later in the evening we met Brooke’s horse and got to see her ride barrels, that was fun.

Another great day.

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Day 11 Napa to Elko

 We left Napa about 8 AM in the morning and headed to Sacramento then Reno.  The road to Sacramento was I 80 and fairly crowded as you would expect for Thursday morning.  Interesting thing is the road from Sacramento to Reno was smoke covered most of the way,  undoubtedly the result of the forest fires burning in California.

In the next picture you’ll notice a helicopter that was flying around helping with the forest fires.

The stop in Reno was gas, grub and go… The bike is pointing to Salt Lake City but we ended up stopping in Elko.  Today we traveled approximately 500 miles and put ourselves in good position to be in Denver on Saturday before noon to see Leslie and family.

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Day 10 A day in Napa

Well we went to bed early and guess what we woke up late, seem to be settling into this vacation thing.  Started today at the #RiverTerraceInn restaurant, Alba. My omelette was great and Julie had a fruit parfait with the largest berries I’ve ever seen.

Today were off on a sightseeing tour of Napa and we’ve chosen to give the motorcycle day of rest and relaxation in the shade

Today’s tour is a group tour of four wineries conducted Dynamic Tours.

We headed off to visit four of the smaller wineries in Napa Valley.  Gained insight to the dramatic growth in the wine business in Napa over the last 30 years, apparently the number of wineries has increased from less than 30 to around 800 in the area over that same timeframe.

The tour lasted about six hours and Julie and I came back and had a dinner in the Oxbow market at Gotts.

Thursday morning we start our trek to Denver see you from the road.

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